Number of pages: 40
Format: 210x290 mm
Binding: Soft cover
Print: Color
ISBN: 978-83-61618-00-3
Edition: I
Price: 29.00 PLN

Love in the Shadow of Death is the story of two prisoners from the Auschwitz Death Camp – Mala Zimetbaum, a Jewish woman, and Edward Galiński, a Polish man. Mala, thanks to her knowledge of several languages and engaging personality, was made a messenger (Läuferin) in the women’s camp. Edek – prisoner of Auschwitz, brought in the first transport of Polish political prisoners – after his stay in the main camp, was transferred to the maintenance work unit in Auschwitz II-Birkenau. This comic tells the story of the love that these two individuals develop for one another, their unsuccessful escape, and their tragic death in the camp. This comic shows, in a non stereotypical way, the complicated relationship between prisoners, the functionary prisoners, and the members of the SS guard garrison within Auschwitz.
PremierMay 2009
WriterMichał Gałek
ArtistMarcin Nowakowski

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