Number of pages: 40
Format: 210x290 mm
Binding: Soft cover
Print: Color
ISBN: 978-83-61618-03-4
Edition: I
Price: 29.00 PLN

Witold’s Report The next in the series of historical comics about Auschwitz is dedicated to the story of Witold Pilecki – soldier of the Polish Army during the Polish-Soviet War in 1920 and September 1939 invasion of Poland, he fought in the Polish resistance, the AK (Home Army), and as its member, he volunteered for Auschwitz. After the war, the Communist regime considered him a traitor of the Polish People. He was murdered in the prison of the Ministry of Public Security of Poland in Mokotów, Warsaw. Pilecki’s story is centered around his interrogation in the dungeons of the state secret police. The comic presents the details of Pilecki’s arrival in Auschwitz, his escape, and plans considered by the AK to attack the camp to free prisoners.
PremierOctober 2009
WriterMichał Gałek
ArtistArkadiusz Klimek

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